Today, September 8th, 2021, the Ministry of Health held a press conference on COVID-19. I could not attend in person, but I could get three questions into the panel thanks to the ministries Information Officer.

Question one

How does the MOH determine a viral outbreak? Do resulting outcomes of illness factor into the declaration of an outbreak, or is it strictly the prevalence of infections? If so, how many?

Over the past month, I have been tracking Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 dashboard for updated figures from the current spike of confirmed cases. I decided to compile the numbers per week rather than per day to identify trends better. It’s like the idiom says,” Don’t miss the forest for the tree,” or in other words, if you get caught up in the emotional sensation of daily updates, you may very well not be seeing the bigger picture.

When I started tracking the numbers on August 16th, 2021, we had 809 active cases, representing 12.5% of the 6,475 confirmed cases. On August…

I have grown immensely discouraged by the subject of COVID-19. It has become another point of tribal divisions, causing fissures in the facade of our society to grow into a gaping chasm. We have permitted strawman to dominate a space that demands we steelman arguments instead. Ad hominems are injected into every discussion, even when unintentional. False equivalencies and false dichotomies are used when expedient as cherry-picking information merely to win becomes prevalent. The establishment is firmly entrenched in its silos, unable to make concessions when appropriate. …

Today I am writing from my phone because my home internet has been down since 6 AM. I also experienced a frustrating and untimely outage yesterday. We all know the struggles of poor connectivity in Saint Lucia.

At one point, this would have been a mere inconvenience quickly brushed off as I move on with my day. But in modern times, it can mean the loss of revenue and bring my business to a standstill. While I am thankful to have a backup option in mobile data, that just doesn’t cut it.

To properly engage in the digital economy, we…

Last night, August 16th, 2021, The Cheif Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Sharon Belmar-George, was the gest on Choice TV’s program “SoLucians.” I tuned in but was instantly triggered by the host’s opening remarks, which are best described as a pressure campaign of “blame & shame.” They continue to use fear-based narratives to gaslight the public into believing they are the problem, that they are the cause of the spread and why we continue to live under draconian restrictions of our constitutionally protected rights, freedoms, and liberties.

Medical interventions are not purely academic pursuits. There is a risk to reward ratio that must be considered as there are interwoven interests of business, culture, public safety, and liberty at play, to name a few. In the modern internet-driven world where the orthodox establishment and heterodox rabble seem to be at war for what is considered truth, we, the people, find ourselves between the proverbial rock and hard place.

The truth is not of concern to those behind our public health response, believing that truthful conversations are to be had at an esoteric level then decide on a different…

Unless you live under the proverbial rock or atop Mount Gimie, you would have witnessed or experienced the carnival-like festive campaign session pejoratively known as the silly session. During which mass crowded gathered across the island. Literal dump truck loads of people were not only allowed but actively facilitated by the politicians in their pursuits of power. Even after winning the political war, candidates could be seen within intimate proximity of their supporters with and without masks.

Last night august 11th, 2021, the Prime Minister (PM) delivered an address to the nation, providing updates on how his administration will be taking COVID-19 and introduce a set of protocols and restrictions that will take effect on Friday the 13th, 2021, till the end of August lasting just over three weeks.

Off the jump, I will say, like I said when it was the last administration. Fear is the driving for behind our repose to COVID. I believe the protocols and restrictions are an overreaction based on the agenda of those who provide the lead for our leaders. But…

It’s not about the vaccinated vs unvaccinated. It’s about liberty vs tyranny. We need vigorous debate, not divisive rhetoric that sets one side as callus conspiracy theorists and the other as fascistic control freaks. Without intellectually honest public discourse, we will never have informed consent but coercion, whether through the hard power provided in the public health act or the soft power of blaming and shaming the public into compliance.

I am not a medical doctor, and nothing said in this blog, or the corresponding vlog should be taken as medical advice. …

I have compassion towards newly elected Member of Parliament Hon Jeremiah Norbert for his traumatic ordeal; his fortitude is admirable. Though I sympathize with the situation, I cannot treat him any differently than other politicians. In today’s blog, I will examine comments made by both the Prime Minister (PM) and Mr. Norbert, which left me wondering what is happening in Micoud North. While I understand the subject’s sensitive nature, I never have and will never shy away from a topic due to discomfort.

During the closing remarks by the PM at the swearing-in ceremony for the Cabinet of Ministers on…

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Social commentary & political analysis of current affairs and the news worldwide — focusing on implications for Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians in the diaspora.

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