Writing On The Wahl #013 — Will The DPP Have An IMPAC On Elections?

Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Daarsrean Greene.

“Most of the media personal are well-educated persons, and we know ignorance of the law is no excuse… I am available, and I have said to some of the media practitioners that you can come and we can sit and discuss that matters that can be aired… I want to empower you.”

Screenshot from the Saint Lucia Criminal Code — Cap.3.01 revised edition 2013

“I want to advise, though, that these investigations, due to their nature, have no statutory limitation period. Meaning there is no time limit for the investigation or institution of charges against persons where sufficient evidence is gathered to do so. The police force, therefore, can continue investigations in such matters over a lengthy period of time. This may be as a result or consequence of lines of investigation or evidence becoming available some years after the occurrence of an incident. I believe, therefore, that this is a convenient juncture to update the public on my continued review of these matters. And to provide you with my decisions at this stage regarding the possible prosecution of persons involved. And to address what has widely been referred to as the IMPACS Report.”

“To date, I can report that I am not in receipt of any material from the Jamaican constabulary force. Therefore, the final report provided by the Jamaican team does not amount to evidence or relevant material compiled in a criminal investigation that I am able to act upon it however provided possible lines of inquiry and opinions, all of which I believe should remain under seal to eliminate any possibility of prejudice to anyone concerned. Consequently, There was an appointment of local investigators to conduct a review of the report provided by the Jamaican team and also to conduct homicide investigations into the matters under review.”

Screenshot from the official Facebook page of Philip J. Pierre

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