Writing On The Wahl #026 — Peter pays for Paulitics

Unless you live under the proverbial rock or atop Mount Gimie, you would have witnessed or experienced the carnival-like festive campaign session pejoratively known as the silly session. During which mass crowded gathered across the island. Literal dump truck loads of people were not only allowed but actively facilitated by the politicians in their pursuits of power. Even after winning the political war, candidates could be seen within intimate proximity of their supporters with and without masks.

A week after election day, the Prime Minister (PM) received the red carpet treatment in Marchand. Greeting dozens of his supporters, the PM posed for pictures. One-by-one, set-by-set people posed with him and then leading the mass crowd on tour through the community. While watching the live stream of this event, I distinctly reamer thinking that I better not hear anything about tighter restrictions or anybody being denied the right to demonstrate on the grounds of COVID-19.

Just a week later, and here we are, tighter social regulations under the guise of COVID-19. It appears Petter is paying for paulitics.

We are being told to limit social interactions to the immediate household and family; even that ought not to be in numbers of more than ten people when they held gatherings in the dozens if not hundreds. For the next three weeks, there will be no permits issued for loud music in public when for the past three weeks, they regularly had load music trucks beating the streets and at their events. We cannot party or go on boat rids as no special events or social gatherings will be sanctioned. Let’s wait and see if the government hosts any “special events” during that same period.

Rules for thee but not for me; this is the standard operating procedure of those in authority in Saint Lucia. Our political leaders, civil servants, and their partisan appointments who serve them treat us like their children expecting us to do as they say, not as they do.

Everybody knew we would see a spike after the elections, so if the virus is as deadly as they portray it, they all should be charged with manslaughter for any deaths caused by their negligence.

Or they should stop using fear and scaremongering to coerce free citizens into medical and none-pharmaceutical interventions that may and at times are more dangerous for society than the virus.

In a Center for Daisies Control (CDC) study published July 1st, 2021, titled “Underlying Medical Conditions and Severe Illness Among 540,667 Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19, March 2020–March 2021.” They say that 94.9% had at least one underlying condition. The most substantial risk factor for death amongst these individuals was obesity having a 30% increased chance of a fatal illness. It makes sense that if you are fat and out of shape and get COVID, you will have a 30% better chance of dying than someone at an appropriate weight and in relatively good condition. What may surprise you and why I am referencing this data is the second most significant risk factor: anxiety and fear-related disorders. According to the authoritative source of the CDC, you have a 28% better chance of death if you suffer from any stress bases anxiety or fear-related disorder.

One could argue that the propaganda campaign powered by anxiety-raising fear contributes to hospitalization, worse illness and deaths. One could further argue that with the marginal potential for outdoor spread in our climate, encourage outdoor events instead of banning all social gatherings would be better. Social interaction is vital to regulating emotional and mental well-being. Adequate Vitamin D levels are also critical for this function and dramatically help mitigate negative experiences with the virus.

Yet the end-all and bell for the authorities are vaccines, masks and staying away from people.

They try to blame and shame us into submission but can rationalize responsibility for their actions or lack thereof. They have legally removed any civil liability for their actions or lack thereof. So for those amongst the establishment elitists who publicly pressure the people to accept a vaccine still under emergency approval and who promote tighter business destroying restrictions. Will you take the liability waved for Pig Pharma and the authorities? What say you, Dr. King, Mr. Pierre, and all the others engaged in a war against the unvaccinated? Accept liability for anything that goes wrong.

When there is no risk for your actions, people will do things they would not normally consider, and if that puts others in harm’s way, we must be vigilant not to get caught between a rock and a hard place unknowingly. We must ensure that freedom and liberty prevail, or we will fall under oppression and subjugation again.

Until then.
Be strong, stay safe, and God bless Saint Lucia.




Social commentary & political analysis of current affairs and the news worldwide — focusing on implications for Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians in the diaspora.

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Jody A. von Wahl

Jody A. von Wahl

Social commentary & political analysis of current affairs and the news worldwide — focusing on implications for Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians in the diaspora.

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